Wedding dresses, white calves & rain.

That about sums up my weekend.
Wedding dress shopping with my sister - the future Mrs. Heiser - and doctoring lots of baby calves who've been scouring in this crummy weather we've had.
So let's talk about the fun thing first - wedding dress shopping!
Lindsay asked if I could come over for a day to go shopping with her & our mom.  Lindsay is 100% the opposite of me (in a good way) about this whole wedding prep thing.  Where as I thought four months was PLENTY of time to buy a dress - I shopped in February for a June wedding - turns out it is not and I ended up having to rush my dress.  Lindsay just got engaged a few weeks ago, and their wedding will be in September but she is already on the ball and you could tell the ladies at the dress shops appreciated that.
We had a great day! 
I don't want to spill any details - but I will tell you this;
The first store we went to was Charlotte's in Beaverton.  This is where I ended up buying my dress, and after the sales lady had visited with Lindsay a bit to find out her preferences she went and pulled a few dresses for her to try on.
Would you believe it that one of the first dresses she pulled was the exact same one I wore for my wedding?
I felt pretty good that I even remembered what it looked like. 
We all got a good laugh out of that. I even showed the sales lady my confirmation email with the style number.  I'm not going to tell you what Lindsay ended up liking, but I will tell you that she did not buy the dress above.  Lol.
We ended up shopping for most of the day and had a great time!
I drove back home Saturday night and went out to check heifers since Clint was in town at a 50th Anniversary Party for friends. 
I don't know about you - but I always say a little prayer every time I go check at night when it's late and I'm tired.  I just ask God that he'll let everything be ok, and that I can be able to drive through the cattle quickly, find everything to be in good shape, and then be able to go back home. 
I know that's pretty selfish, but it's the truth.
So as I opened the gate into the heifer lot, I started to use the spotlight on the pickup to scan for heifers or new calves.  Imagine my surprise when I spotlighted a coyote at the top of the heifer lot....and a heifer chasing it.  I figured a heifer had had a dead calf and the coyote was coming in for a meal, so I wanted to teach it a lesson.  I spotlighted the coyote and started hauling ass in the pickup over to it - I had hoped to run it over, but it was faster than I was and got away under the fence.
I don't think it'll be back for a while though.
After doing some investigating, I realized that the heifer that was chasing the coyote hadn't calved but was in the process and still had two feet out.  She was a little jazzed up, so I left her alone for a bit and went and checked the cows in the next pasture over.  There was also a cold calf to feed in the office that Clint had brought in, so I gave it a bottle and went back out to check the calving heifer that had been chasing the coyote.
Of course - she hadn't made any progress.
So I started to bring her to the barn, and gave Clint a call.  Luckily, he was almost home and came right to the barn to pull the calf.  The calf was alive and the heifer started to lick it off so we left well enough alone.  As we were cleaning up, Clint asked me if one of our Charolais cows, #104 had calved.  I told him she hadn't, but that she was pacing a bit and her udder sure looked tight.  He figured we probably needed to bring her in and check her out (to make sure her calf wasn't coming backwards or something like that) so we both climbed into the pickup and headed out.
By this time - it was 11:30 pm at night, and I'd been up since 4:30 am when I got up to drive to Portland that morning. 
You can imagine that I was in an awesome mood.  ;)
We drove out to the cow pasture and started to spotlight.  I found the white Charolais cow easily and as we drove up to her we saw that she'd actually just started to calve.  We turned the pickup away and took a quick 15 minute nap in the pickup to give her some time.  We'll usually give a heifer or cow 30 minutes from the time we see a sack or feet showing....if she hasn't made progress, we take her to the barn and pull her calf.
And this is where my prayer was answered....I may have had to make a lap by bringing in the previous heifer but as the alarm sounded at 11:45 pm and woke us up from our nap we saw that we had a new Charolais calve that was born alive and a momma who was working on getting it up and licked off.
And that's the thing - it would have been much harder to bring the Charolais cow in just due to the logistics/location of the field to the barn and so while it sounds silly I think God knew that the heifer would have been easier to bring in (she basically walked herself to the barn as I followed in the pickup) than the cow and so he spared us that Saturday night.
And we had two healthy calves to show at the end of the night.
104 and her heifer calf.
Calving is a tough time of year - it's tough emotionally, mentally and physically.
But in the end - it's all worth it.
Sunday was spent checking health, doctoring for scours (we've had a lot of crummy feeling baby calves with the weather) and the normal feedings and chores.
So while the weekend started off with white wedding dresses, it ended with a new white Charolais calf frolicking around the field.

Both great things in this life we get to lead.
Success is Reason Enough.


  1. Love the post. I was wedding dress shopping with my best friend the other weekend and I had kind of forgotten how many dresses they can fit into those stores! Glad to hear that calving is going well. I best the contrast of those little white calves against the blacks ones is great. The new header looks awesome!

  2. So fun for Lindsay!! :) And you're right - even in the hard of calving season, it's worth it for sure! LOVE the new "header" and look! Have a GREAT week!

  3. Darcy,
    First, I love your words "Lindsay is 100% the opposite of me (in a good way)..." that would be Sister and me too. Sometimes I am amazed we have the same parents and in the next moment she knows exactly how I feel and why.

    Second, your comment about asking God that he'll let everything be ok while checking calving cows is not selfish. I frequently have the same thoughts. I'm a good helper, not always so good at asking for help. If I can report all is good I feel better than telling J we have problems to deal with.

    Look at those very pink ears on #104!


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