Bull sale season.

Bull sale season here in the Pacific NW is in high gear.
With the ARC/PLC sign up at work this year, I haven't been able to go to any of the bull sales I normally go to that are held on week days.  So last weekend when the Alexander's asked if I'd come up to the Rancher's Choice sale in Eltopia on Saturday - I said yes.

It was nice to go to a sale where all I had to do was take pictures.  I can handle that.  :-)  And where the Alexander's had their best sale average ever - well, that was fun to witness too.
We've hosted two bull sales this past week, and will host Rollin' Rocks sale on Friday at the Double M Sale Barn and it is/will be fun to be involved in those too. 
Except at those sales I have to do a little more than just show up with my camera.  ;-)

Although I will post pictures from those sales later this week!


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