Sale barn prep.

Happy Monday!

We spent all of this past weekend at the sale barn

Saturday we hosted the Corsair Angus sale (pictures to come later this week) and then cleaned up the inside of the barn that night and started working on the outside yesterday.

We'll host the Rollin' Rock bull sale on Friday and their approach to the barn is 180 degrees different than how we brought bulls in for the two sales last week.

We have a tub on the east side of the barn that we brought bulls to the ring in last week, but this week the bulls will need to come faster (their auctioneer sells quickly) so we'll bring the bulls to the ring through our double alleyway and use a single AI box to stage them in.  Clint had most of it set up next to the return alley we used this week, so it will just take a few tweaks to get the final panels and AI box in.

These guys sell on Friday!

Clint also wanted to lay shavings down in the pens, so after cleaning out all of the old hay from where we fed the bulls last week, we started skidsteering and shoveling shavings in.

I ran Scoopy (we call our skidsteer "Scoopy") for a while, and then Clint took over and I forked.  Clint is much better running Scoopy than I am so that worked out much better.

By the time the sun set last night, we had half of the pens (all of those directly south of the barn) laid in with shavings.

Since we had the loader there at the barn, we went to the top of the hill and Clint lifted me up in it to get these pictures.  Too bad I can't have this vantage point all of the time!
I think the guys will work on the pens to the west this week, and then we'll be ready for our final bull sale of the season.



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