So many choices...

When Pinterest first came out I, probably along with many of you, was gung-ho.  I'd scroll through pages and pages and PAGES of pretty things on my drive home.  And then one day, I realized that my life and my home aren't perfect (never will be) and that looking on Pinterest was creating feelings in me that I didn't think were positive.
So I stopped.
 Cold turkey.
 No more Pinterest for me.
For two years, I'd only look at Pinterest if I was looking for a recipe that I knew I had pinned there before.  Otherwise, it wasn't a part of my social networking routine.  But that all changed, when Mike & Patsy offered to add a 2nd bathroom to our house and with that came an entire bedroom, bathroom, mudroom and office remodel complete with new flooring choices.
I may be able to do a few things really well, but design is not really one of them.  So knowing that I needed help (but was too cheap to pay for it)....and knowing a few things I wanted (durable but pretty flooring, a design that would be easy to clean, etc.).....I thought that I needed Pinterest again in my life.
So I went back.
And I found so many pretty things to look at.
 But honestly, it was just so overwhelming.  Too many choices, too many what if's.

So I turned off Pinterest, and talked to our contractors.  And then I went to stores that they recommended and I talked to the sales people there.  And I walked away with super information that is applicable to us and our situation, and not just the "pretty" that Pinterest provides.  So now I'm researching products, mulling over and taking home samples and just trying to make decisions.

So I thought I might ask you for your help too.

This picture was taken last week but shows how big the extension is.

This pictures is from this morning - that's our bedroom.

The Hunter Brothers are doing our construction (that's Randy above) and are doing an awesome job.  They have the outside shell built, the roof on, and are tearing down the old exterior wall between the bedroom and the new space along with our closet so they can start to frame in the new closet and the bathroom.
So while our house is just getting extended by 8 feet, it will create the following:
A larger mudroom
This room will have a door (pictured above, which will become our main entry), a utility sink and a lot of storage.  I'd like to create a freestanding counter top that will house underneath of it semen tanks & dog bed (with a pretty curtain that I can draw to hide it all).  The ranch also has a set of kitchen cabinets that were saved from a previous kitchen remodel that are in good shape, but that are dated and will need either stained or painted and a new counter top.  I also need to figure out what kind of porch lighting to add outside.
A larger master bedroom
We want a western/rustic/homey feel to the bedroom, and since the bedroom furniture right now is the same furniture I went to college with - I bought this new set from Costco.  But now I am struggling with paint choices (do I do an accent wall?), bedding choices (we have a down comforter and love it....but I'm thinking it might be good to buy a duvet) and a coordinating rug choice.

We have 3 Buck Taylor prints that have always hung in our bedroom, and I'd like to coordinate the room off of those since I love the colors in them - but I don't want to be super matchy-matchy.

Gah.  The choices.
En suite bathroom in the master
The bathroom design is finished.  It will have a toilet, a 4x4' shower, single sink vanity and small linen closet.  We're deciding what kind of cultured marble slab we'll put in for the shower (our contractors say it's easy to clean), and that just leaves what kind of vanity & fixtures to choose....which will lead to what the wall color should be.

All of the above listed spaces will have the same flooring throughout - at first I was thinking porcelain tile that looks like wood, with a darker colored grout to minimize stains/cleaning.
   But then the Hunter brothers said I should look at a product called "Engage" and I think we're going to go that route.  It's a vinyl tile product with a ceramic bead coating that snaps together like laminate wood, but is 100% waterproof and has a commercial rating so it'll be more durable than wood.  I'm actually headed into the flooring store today to go pick out some samples.
My main goal with this remodel is to provide a very functional space, that is easy to clean and created with durable materials that will stand up to the riggors of the ranching lifestyle.  I need surfaces that mucky boots can walk over, and then be cleaned easily.  I need bathroom surfaces that are easy to clean & can withstand the hard water that flows through our pipes. I need a layout that can store a lot of things with a high degree of accessibility.

I need, I need, I need.
Oh wait - I want.

This is what Pinterest does to me.

So yes - I/we don't need any of the above, but if we're going to start from scratch I figure we might as well try to incorporate as many helfpul things as possible.

Any thoughts on things you love about your home that you'd replicate in another?

Any brands/stores that you recommend for fixtures or lighting?

Has anyone ever used the Engage flooring?
Am I crazy to want to paint over wood cabinets in the mudroom because paint is easier than stain?

What should I stay away from?

What should I run to?


Tell me friends. My ears are open. :)



  1. Miss Darcy,
    I wish you much luck!

    House remolding or building is not my thing. J and have done a few "upgrades" to our little ranch house. It's evident that J's taste and preferences are more expensive than mine. The thought of spending lots of money, being in a state of disarray and moving gives me anxiety. Good thing I like my simple little house.

  2. Having just finished our house last fall, I complete understand all the choices! Here's a few of my recommendations: We went to Home Depot for lighting - I knew I wanted rubbed oil bronze fixtures and when we went to look in person there really weren't THAT many styles to choose from in bronze. And the salesperson was super helpful. On flooring we went with porcelain tile (in a hopscotch pattern) and I LOVE it. It's a neutral color so you can hardly tell when it's dirty. It's easy to clean. Which is good because there's a lot of it in our house and I have MANY muddy feet running around. Only downfall is that it's a little cold to walk on with bare feet. Throughout our house I stayed neutral with flooring and walls with the idea to use color in comforters, pillows, rugs, pictures, etc. which can be easily changed out if you get tired of them. Good luck!

  3. This is exciting! :) really, really exciting!


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