The Rollin' Rock Sale.

2015 Rollin' Rock Angus Genetic Partners
Bull Sale
March 13, 2015 - Double M Sale Facility
We enjoy helping host all of bull sales that choose to sell at the Double M Sale Facility, but we especially enjoy the Rollin' Rock sale.  I think part of it is because they're the first sale we hosted; and they're a large reason the barn was built...but I think it's mostly because we've become such good friends with Ryan & Amy and think so highly of them and the others involved within the Rollin' Rock Genetic Partners team.
The 2015 sale went so well and the bulls averaged $5958. 
Roger Jacobs & Joe Goggins auctioneered and kept the pace quick. 
The bulls were sorted first thing in the morning, and then the crowd came pouring in...


Lunch was served and then the bull sale was on!

Congratulations to Ryan & Amy, Beau & Kristin, Bill & Jennifer and Ken & Debbie on a tremendous offering of Angus bulls & commercial heifers.
The program with a purpose continues and 2015 will be a year to remember.


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