5 on Friday.

Just a few random tidbits this Friday - hope you had a great week!
1. It's good to hug a friend.

I haven't gotten to see Lindsay much lately - so I loved that I got to see her for a quick hug (and a drop off of Estrotech patches for Ian) at her freeway exit as I was headed to work yesterday.  I was joking that she won wife of the year because she'd just come from Pendleton, after she'd woke up extra early to buy stuff for the guys who were there gathering cattle, before she headed to work too in Hermiston.
2. A guest post.
I did a guest post on cattle facilities over at Tales of a Kansas Farm mom.  You can check it out here.

3. Fun Mail x 2!

When I went to the post office this week to pick up my mail, I had two boxes of {Fun Mail} waiting for me! 
My Crystal Cattle beauty swap came - this time I was paired with Whitney in Montana, and she sent me the neatest things!  This is kind of a teaser....because I'll do a whole post on the swap next week.  :)
I also had won a fun {I Heart Gluten} mug and little gift package from the Prairie Californian for a wheat picture I'd submitted - and the mug promptly found a place on my desk at work!
4.  House Update

Plumbing got roughed in at the house this week and the electricians should be here today or early next week.  Once they're done, and the building inspector comes thru - it's drywall time!  I think things will come together fast once that happens.

5. Rising to meet the sun.

I had a few extra minutes this morning, so I cranked up the radio, took the long way to work and drove through the meadows.  It was gorgeous - and I'm so glad I did.  Maroon 5 was blasting, I was able to stop and take a few pictures and by the time I hit the freeway my mind was in a great place to take on the day.

Happy Friday friends!
Keep living the dream!


  1. Seeing you made Thursday wonderful! Can't wait for the house stuff :) EXITING!!


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