A weekend well spent.

Did you have a nice weekend?
We finished up breeding a set of heifers on Friday and the guys branded a set of calves at Jack's.

I shopped for groceries & went to a fun wedding shower for Deana at Patsy's on Saturday, while Clint judged a jackpot show in Pomeroy.

We fed cows, did chores and changed water on Easter morning and then spent the day relaxing.
I finished ordering a few things for the house addition and then the Small's stopped by on their way back home.

We visited, I {forced} Cara to take a family picture and then we hugged them goodbye as they headed home to Boise.
It may not be your typical Easter weekend - but in our world it was lovely and well spent.
Have a great week friends!


  1. Haha, small world, I went to grad school with Wade in Wyoming.

    1. The ag world is a small world! :) Wade & Clint knew each other from OSU and now own cattle together. They're where the "SS" (Sexson/Small) comes from.


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