Branding in Pilot Rock.

 I've been editing and sorting thru pictures from Ryan & Amy's branding in Pilot Rock for a little over a week now....and I'm still only halfway done.
They had a ton of great help, and so I got the luxury of sitting back and snapping away.
1,000+ pictures later, and I figured I should just post what I have now and then maybe I'll do a second post later.


We love going to brandings where they drag to the fire.
While it's technically "work", it's a chance for the guys - who've been calving and busting their tails with little sleep for the past two months - to get to see their friends and get work done.
That's multi-tasking at it's finest for a rancher. :)



Calves were roped, kids played and shots were given.
And at one point - after the ground crew had given the ropers a bit of grief about not having any calves to brand - the ground crew found themselves with 5 calves at the end of ropes, and only 2 Nordforks.


It was pretty comical to watch from the top of the pen. 
I bet the ground crew didn't give them any grief after that.  ;)
It was a great day in the branding pen with great people.
Thanks Ryan & Amy for having us again!


  1. I love seeing your pictures of brandings! How fun to get to spend time with friends and neighbors. Thank you for joining the Country Fair Blog Party! Hope to you again in May.
    Laurie - co-Host


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