Krebs AI Project

2015 Krebs Livestock AI Project
- Cecil, OR -

We headed to big town of Cecil, OR last weekend to help the Krebs family AI their young and mature cows.
You won't find Cecil on too many maps, but it's near Ione.

You might not find Ione on many maps either, but just take my word for it....
Great people live there.
Good cattle do too.

We started the morning near the headquarters and bred a semi-load of cows before they were loaded up and hauled to pasture in Wallowa County. 
Clint & Adrienne bred while I thawed, and when we were done we both kind of looked around and thought:
"Dang.  That was fast."
And then I thought - "Morgan's going to be SO jealous he wasn't here because I think we just set a record." 
 Hahaha - the thoughts that go through your mind while you're breeding cows.  And for anyone who knows Morgan, you know that he's a fan of an efficient and fast paced AI project.
Once we were done with the first calf heifers, we jacked up the box and followed the crew with the hydraulic squeeze to the second set of corrals we'd breed in that day.

The crew horseback had already gotten there a bit earlier, and was in the process of sorting the last of the cows from the calves.  We waited for the guys to set of the squeeze chute, and then got the AI barn set up in front.
AI'ing started shortly after that
- at 7:52 am to be exact -
and in an hour's time we had half of the cows bred.

RJ got there around 9:00, and the three of them were able to relieve one other so that they could each get a break.  Adrienne went first, and the majority of the pictures in this post were taken by her.

After Adrienne's arm had had a break, she gloved back up and came back in the box and Clint took a break.
And that's when a cow ALSO decided that she felt the need to jump a gate and tear open her shoulder, foreleg & armpit.
Field surgery commenced, and operation "Stitch Her Up" got underway.
I was really impressed that Cameron had suture and a needle there in his pickup.  If it had been us, we would have had to go to the shop and pick up those items, or more than likely call a vet. 

But in Ione, they're kind of far from amenities and so they come prepared.
Clint & Cameron donned gloves, we rinsed the shoulder with antiseptic wash and the guys went to sewing her back up.

A dose of antibiotics were given, the cow was let out to her calf and we finished the rest of the group.
It was great to see this still happening out in the pairs....
Cows actively riding during a timed AI project is a reassuring thing for breeders to see.
Especially when it's the first time a ranch chooses to AI.

Thank you Krebs family for inviting us out to AI your cattle, for providing a great crew that brought cattle to the barn well, and for the delicious meal you served afterwards. 
 We hope you have a great conception rate, and that you have a bunch of Premium Beef & Balance calves frolicking about next year!


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