Medium Sexy Ninja.

So the answer is 1153.

That's how many pictures I took on Sunday at the Raymond's branding in Pilot Rock, and it's taken me longer than I thought to sort thru them. 

Plus we pulled a set of CIDR's on a set of heifers last night and went to Taco Tuesday at Last Chance with friends and when we got home at 9:00 pm last night I went straight to bed instead of editing.  Lol.

BUT - never fear. There will still be a post today.

In fact - a very fun & funny post.

If only Beau was on Facebook....I'd load these there, but alas he's not so they'll get to live on the blog forever!  ;)


So there's a running joke about Clint being the "Big Sexy Ninja" and how he proved those skills at Ryan & Amy's branding last year.
You can read the post here.
Well - Beau must have been taking some lessons - or hiding his skills - because at Ryan & Amy's branding last weekend in Pilot Rock, he pulled out the "Medium Sexy Ninja" moves with a calf!
Beau wanted to be sure that I specified that he was a "Medium" sexy ninja too.  ;)

And then, just to prove the point -
He did it again.

I'd say he proved himself with both calves that he caught!

More pictures from the branding....hopefully tomorrow!  :)


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