We call it {patching}.
Armed with Estrotect patches, 3M spray adhesive and Estrumate, we headed to the feedlot Saturday morning to help patch the Murdock & Lorenzen heifers.

Estrotect patches come with an adhesive already applied to them, but even when they're warm (we heat them on the dashboard heater of the pickup) we find that we prefer to add a little "staying" power with some extra glue.  Long winter hair that has a fine layer of dust & dirt settled in from being in the feedlot seems to create a situation where the patches need some help.  We used to use backtag glue, but last year Stan Locke told us about 3M spray adhesive and we haven't looked back. 

It is the

And it doesn't leave your hands covered in a tacky-gluery-stringy-doesn't-wash-off-mess like backtag glue does.

We buy the adhesive at Walmart.  I know - FANCY.  Find it in the hardware section near the duct tape & super glue.  It's around $10 and you want to buy the bigger, more expensive can - the other stuff isn't as strong.
So the cattle come into the alley and are sprayed first.  The spray adhesive needs a minute or so to get tacky, so by the time the cattle come to the chute the glue's had a bit of time to cure and is ready for the Estrotech patch. The spray adhesive is WAY less stringy than backtag glue and we haven't had a single patch come off.  In fact, sometimes we have the opposite happen - and we need a pair of pliers to pry the patch off.
The Murdock/Lorenzen heifers had been on MGA, so all we had to do was give shots and apply patches.  If they'd had a CIDR, we'd have pulled them then as well but since they'd been in the feedlot for awhile they were able to go on MGA for a savings of about $6 to the guys.

Tyler brought the heifers, Trevor barred them and applied the spray adhesive, Mason poured and pushed them towards the chute, I applied the patches, Clint ran the chute and gave shots, and Ian took records and applied fly tags.
The wind was just starting to pick up the pace Saturday, but it couldn't match ours.  ;)

With Starbucks in hand we hustled and got the group done by 9 am.
Some were more willing to pose for the camera....even though I'd brought coffee, lol. 
That's right Tyler - I'm looking at you.  :-)
Even though you won't look at me - ha!

Patching went well, and soon enough the cattle were back in their pen and we were off to tackle the rest of the day!
But not before a quickie selfie with two of my favorite people!

Clint looks thrilled, huh?
I think everyone was ready to get out of the wind.  :)


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