Slowing down to catch the details.

I took a drive with Clint the other night.

All of my work at the house was done.....

Well, at least the important things.
The dishes and laundry were done....I figured the floors could wait.

It was gorgeous outside.
Warm enough for a t-shirt, but cool enough for long pants.

I swapped out my normal lens for the new one Mike & Patsy gave me.
Figured since I didn't have an agenda, so I might as well try it out.
And I kind of fell in love.

I'm finding out more & more, that I'm a person who likes to know what's coming next.
Ahead of the ball I like to think, but sometimes I think that comes across as pushy.
Swapping out that lens took away a bit of control I normally have -

 And gave me a perspective I wouldn't trade.

But probably most importantly -

It allowed me capture the little details that I might have missed.

We're AI'ing cows all of this week, and while the scenery is a bit different -
The lesson remains the same.
Slow down.
Soak it in.
Catch the details.
Live the dream.


  1. Lovely thoughts, Darcy. Glad you and Clint got a chance to slow down, soak in a beautiful evening drive and catch some details of the dream you are living.

    J called off branding today as the weather man is predicting 6-12" of snow starting tomorrow. We are getting livestock situated in preparation for a winter weather event. Oh, my MIL and I mowed the lawn too.

    Have a great weekend.


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