Solution Calves.

We spent Monday AI'ing heifers at Mark Malott's ranch in Central Oregon.  Last year Clint and Morgan AI'ed a set of heifers for Mark to KG Solution, so after we had the AI barn set up Sunday afternoon, Mark took us for a drive to look through the calves. 

Mark was really pleased with the Solution calves, and said the heifers couldn't have calved any easier.  Out of the entire set that calved, he only had to touch one heifer - and she was a breach.  He said he was able to calve them like cows - which is always a good thing!  Heifers that calve well, on their own and without assistance - along with calves that get up and are vigorous are great things to have during calving season!
It's always fun to see off spring from heifers you AI'ed the previous year.  In this case, even though the calves weren't ear tagged, you could easily pick out the Solution calves that were born in late February from their contemporaries, born later in March.

We used KG Solution as a reference sire in this year's Double M progeny test, and really liked the calves but it's also reassuring to see a different set of calves on the ground that look similar, but are out of a different herd.  We put a lot of Solution into cattle we AI'ed for customers this Spring, and hope that next year's calves look just as good as the ones we got to go through last Sunday!
And after pictures of Solution calves, I thought I'd throw in pictures of the breeding project Monday. 
This year we used Final Answer 2 - the clone of Final Answer, since he's now deceased - in a set of black heifers for Mark and we hope he has a similar calving experience next winter as he did this winter!

We tucked the AI barn right into Mark's beautiful barn, and in front of his squeeze chute.

And then we got to work the next morning!

- Mark running the chute - Mike the Genex intern helping bring cattle - 
Success is reason enough!


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