4th of July Fun.

Happy 4th of July friends!
We have had such a great day. 
Clint got up early and did chores, and I go breakfast for the crew and grocery shopped.  Then we pulled on our red, white and blue and headed to Stanfield for the parade!
We've lived here for four years now, and this was our first time going to the parade.

We had a blast!
Trevor (from the ranch) and Kelby (the Genex intern who is living with us this summer) went with us and we all sat with Anna & Terry, and their grandkids.  We had the best time.  Cidney & Cameron had their "bags and flags" and let me tell you - they were ready to GET ALL OF THE CANDY.

These girls were champs in the candy getting department.  :)
And we were all plotting about how next year we need to enter the parade.
Although Jack & Deana (from the ranch) almost looked like they were going to be in the parade....they showed up to park right before they closed off the street and they totally could have just entered and been the Double M entry! :)
Afterwards I made hamburgers for lunch, and then we took a nice, long, much needed nap.
Hopefully we'll be able to stay up long enough for fireworks, which we think we'll be able to see from the butte here at the ranch.
Hope you all have had a great 4th too!
God Bless America.
Land of the free, because of the brave.
Thank you to the many men & women who've kept our country safe!


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