A different angle.

Every Tuesday evening of this month, Kelby (the Genex intern who's been living with us this summer) and I have taken a photo class in Pendleton.
When Kelby first came to stay with us in June, she said she wanted to learn how to use her Canon Rebel more proficiently.  I knew that the Art Center in Pendleton had a monthly class, so we signed up.  It was a beginner class - and people I knew that had already taken the class said I wouldn't learn anything - but I wanted to support Kelby and I also figured it'd be good for me to.   I've never taken a formal class before, and everything I've learned about photography I've either 1) read on the internet, 2) asked Lindsay Murdock about, or 3) winged it and tried to make it work.
So I figured going would probably be good for me. 

 And it was. 
I'm not sure I gained a lot of new skills with how to use my camera - although I did learn a few details - but what I really got out of the class was perspective.

Bill Peal, the instructor for the class would tell great stories of how he'd go to certain places - Crater Lake, Multnomah Falls, etc - only so that he could take a specific picture. 
We on the other hand go places to do something - breed cows, build fence, whatever - and then along the way I try to shoot a few frames. 
Rarely do I set out thinking "I'm going to capture "XXXX" shot".

So as a result of the class, I really realized that I classify myself as someone who documents life as it's happening through pictures.   I think the thing it did for me the most was allow me to realize how lucky I am to live a life where I am surrounded by opportunities to take photos that capture our lifestyle.
What really stretched me the most were the assignments we were presented during each class.  During the class period we'd walk around the Art Center and our instructor would tell us certain things we were supposed to shoot.  He pushed us to be creative and try new things...things I don't normally have the "time" for when I'm trying to capture life in between thawing straws, or catching a cow in a head catch.  :)
As a result, I got to take pictures of things that I normally wouldn't have - like the pictures of Pendleton's newest bronze statue "Requa".

The last class is tonight, but I'm in Minneapolis for work this week so I'll be missing out.
But what I haven't missed is the lesson that sometimes it's good to change our angle, and try a new shot. 
Thanks Bill for that one!


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