So it's harvest time here in Eastern Oregon.

Actually, if I'm being honest, farmers have been harvesting for awhile now.  Hay is on it's third cutting, the wheat is probably 65% combined, and the peas & beans are all at the processors.

And let's talk about the corn this year - it's huge.  Like, throw the whole "knee high at 4th of July" saying out the window - the corn here was almost touching the spans of the circles earlier this month and has ears on it that look almost fully mature.
It's been a crazy year - we're in a drought and short on water and everyone is just trying to make it all work.  At the ranch, the crew was proactive and way back in May put some groups of pairs in pens at the White Corrals where they get a ration delivered, and more recently other groups of fall calves were just weaned.  Clint has been waking up early this week to start preconditioning spring calves as their weaning will get moved up earlier this year too.

And even in a year of less - there is still enough.

The ranch still has irrigation water, and while some circles had to be shut off - others were able to be kept on and a good amount of hay is getting put up.  Ponds that I've never seen dry are, but that's just let the water trucks and supplemental tanks have their moment to shine.

Yes.  It's all taken more work, and it hasn't been ideal, and I'm sure it has been stressful for those who have a financial interest.

But sometimes - enough is enough.

This is one of those times that we're thankful for enough.

Success is reason enough.

Here's to a successful, continued harvest.


  1. Seeing your wheat pile photo made me stop and think. We had almost 15 million bushels of corn on the ground last year and it wasnt even a record yield. The grain bin in the background is the same kind that's at the center of a social media campaign here at our cooperative this week...save it or tear it down? http://whotv.com/2015/07/29/pair-of-century-old-grain-bins-set-to-be-demolished/

    Here's to a fruitful harvest for all....and yeah...hope your corn keeps looking great! Give those I-states a run for their production record money! ;)


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