The Charolais babies.

Clint weaned our Charolais calves a few weeks ago, and while he was in Billings I tried to look at them twice a day to make sure everyone was ok.

They are just up in a feed lot pen by our house, mixed in with a few bummer Double M calves so it was easy to drive by and check them out.  Friday night I took a few pictures, while Dot and Leo burned off some energy.

They weren't too curious of me or my camera....and since I was in flip flops, I didn't get in the pen with them to picture them.  But the important thing is that they're gaining on feed well, and staying healthy.  That's about all you can ask for when you're weaning calves.  :)


  1. The Chars look awesome, Darcy! I like the black noses.


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