It's a funny thing -
Some people handle it differently - and I know that this month I've handled it differently depending on the situation.
November started with a great trip to Kansas City with Ryan & Amy and really was four days that we needed to get away and just relax and have fun.
Some people maybe call that a "babymoon"?
But when the wheels on the plane touched back down in Pasco, we were back running.
The Crouthamel female sale, long days and late nights at work, cold weather at the ranch and getting ready for our baby has kept us busy.
And as I type these words sitting at the kitchen table at the end of a long day - I'm thankful for it all.
We live a good life here.  And even in the moments of pressure, it's still worth it all.
Happy November friends.
Hope you're living the dream.


  1. I can't believe it's December fist! I hope your December is wonderful, Darcy.

  2. Crazy how time flies, but yes, we do live a blessed life!


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