From the cab of the feed truck.

I've been helping the guys feed on the weekends.
Normally, I'd prefer to be the one on the back of the truck flaking off hay but being 9 months pregnant isn't very conducive to that, and the doctors kind of frown on it. 
So I've been the designated driver instead.
Mostly I just drive for Clint, which is good because he loves me.
And so he has to put up with me when I drive down the wrong row, struggle with a gear, or hit a bump too quickly.
Although I haven't bucked any bales....or of the feed truck yet.
Knock on wood.....
The other morning I had my camera with me and we were feeding the three year old cows, which is also the pasture where our Charolais cows are. 

 It was fun to see them, and since it was relatively flat I capitalized on my chance to take a few pictures as Clint was flaking hay.
I maaaayyy have hit a bump or two in the process.....
Which is where the love I talked about above comes into play.  :)


  1. It's good you get to go help the Hubs feed, Darcy. I like to look the cattle over and be out in the fresh air.

    Don't feel bad about your bumps and missed gears; it happens. J almost ran over me last week. I was on the 4-wheeler trying to get the cows away from the bale so he could grab the bale with the loader and J saw me just in the nick of time. Needless to say, I've been giving him plenty of room lately.

    Hope you are feeling good and doing well.


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