Down the road.

It's back to {Regularly Scheduled Programming}.....but never fear family - I'll still be posting Chandler updates.
Earlier this month, Clint spent a lot of time moving groups of cows to different pastures as we approached calving.
During December, he tries to keep the cows closer to the working facilities, since they get vaccinated prior to calving.  But then as we get into January, he tries to move at least one group every day, one pasture closer to the calving barns.
On the weekend I was home helping, we were actually moving fall cows away from the calving barns and into what we call the AI corral pasture where they'll spend all winter being fed.
Cows aren't dumb.
If you put a truck (or trailer) of feed in front of them, they're like moths to a flame and will go to it.

So on this day, we lured them down the road.  We drove on the road, and the pairs followed in their pasture until we got to the corner gate.  Once we were there, we pulled the trailer of feed into the pasture across the road where we needed them to go into, and opened the corner gate there.
Clint opened the gate in the pasture the cows were in and blocked one side of the road, while I waited on the other side to block traffic and turn the pairs in.

They crossed the road, went into the gate, and flocked right to the trailer loaded with hay.

Once they were all in the pasture, we hopped in the feed truck and trailed them to the other end where we fed them.
Later, we'd move additional fall pairs into the same pasture with these pairs.  But for this day, that was it and we went on with our day.


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