Life lately.

Life lately has been so good.
We sure love having this little foxy man added to our mix. 
Sunday we enjoyed a visit from the Raymond's.

Isn't Pace so sweet holding Chandler?   We asked Colter if he wanted to and he kept saying "No thank you", over and over, haha.  But Pace was willing, and did such a good job.
Clint's been calving heifers at Double M and we've enjoyed going with him at night to check.  Since he's been so busy at the ranch, this lets us spend some one on one time with Clint.    Plus, Chandler's usually up then, and the pickup ride usually puts him right to sleep for the evening.

The fall calves are growing well - even in the rain.
It has been SO wet here....and there is more rain in the forecast.  But with the drought last summer, no one wants to complain.
Although we might air our frustrations about not being able to get around in the pastures, having to feed with the tractor (since none of the feed trucks have 4 wheel drive), or having to call someone to pull you out because you got stuck.
Right now - it's challenging, but we all know that this spring when the grass grows it will be worth it.

Yesterday we drove down to John Day to check out a feed truck Clint wanted to buy.  Chandler did so good - he slept the entire way down, and almost all of the way back.  The roads were great, and it was great to see snow in the mountains too, after such a dry summer.


 So between holding this sweet boy, and calving heifers (Clint had more than 20 calve today - as soon as I finish this post, we're headed out to tag so things don't get mixed up) we're just enjoying the days and trying to catch sleep when we can.

Hope you're living the dream wherever you are!


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