Picking up a rhythm.

For those of you stopping by - the blog will most likely be filled with a lot of this little guy for awhile.  I know we have a lot of family who wants to see how he's doing, so I thought I'd post these little updates....
Little Chandler man...
You're 5 days old today, and we're starting to pick up our rhythm.
You're sleeping well....maybe not at the times I'd prefer, but at least you let mom get some rest too.
However 10 pm to midnight seems to be the time when you're the most "awake".  And also the time when you're the most fussy...hopefully we can work on getting over that.
Yesterday we really got the hang of the whole feeding thing, and that routine is getting a lot easier for the both of us.  Hopefully that will help us get on a schedule too.
You have the brightest eyes and love to just look around.  We haven't decided if they're going to be brown or blue, but when they're open they're always alert.
I think we're going to have to special order gloves for you some day, because you've got big old mitts for hands.  They're strong too - in the hospital I had to have your dad help me uncurl them from my IV line multiple times, and even now that we're home you can make a mean fist or grip something tightly.  That comes in nice when you like to hold our fingers though - you don't like to let go, and we're in no hurry to let you.  :)
Speaking of your dad....
He's pretty smitten with you.
 I love to watch you two snuggle at lunch time, or at night when he comes in the house from the ranch.  You like it when he whispers in your ear, and your eyes get so alert when he rocks and bounces you. 
Mornings are special too - we've been playing along with your 3:30 am wake up routine, and it's been special to spend time together as a new family of three.
Well...you're waking up as I type this last sentence....so I'm off to feed you and snuggle you.
Proud to be your mama,


  1. Oh I love this!!! Enjoy those snuggles Momma!

  2. Congratulations again on the new arrival! Enjoy your snuggle time!


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