Semen testing Rollin Rock bulls.

The weather this week has been gorgeous!  Sixty degree temps in February is unseasonably warm but after such a wet January we're going to take it and enjoy it!
Beau & Ryan were semen testing the Rollin' Rock bulls, so we spent most of the day outside helping them.
Helping is a loose interpretation....we ran gates and brought bulls when we could.

Chandler LOVES being outside in his stroller or front pack.  He rarely fusses and loves looking around.  The hum of the generators and rocking of the stroller always put him to sleep when he was much so that we were joking about how I could run a generator in the house when I need him to fall asleep at night.
8-10 pm at our house is kind of Chandler's witching hour and I've been trying to figure out how to help him fall asleep more easily.  Obviously the answer is to run a generator.  ;)

The bulls all went thru well, and after three days everyone had been semen tested.
Thanks to Dr. Dave and Callie for their great help!
In addition to testing well, the bulls look awesome too, and have been growing!  It'll be fun to watch them sell on March 11, here at the sale barn. 


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