Branding at Double M.

We branded last Sunday at Double M with friends.
Friends who can ride and rope, which meant we got to drag calves instead of running them over the table.  :) 
Double M brands so many calves, that they almost all get run across the table.  This is efficient, since usually most of the crew here doesn't rope, but also is a lot of physical work because you have to flip the table and hold the calf's leg.  When we rope, the calf is brought to the iron, and a Nordfork is used to hold the calf.  This is much easier on the people branding, and not a lot different in stress level for the calf.

Dave (Clint's dad) and his nephew Jace are here for the week, since Jace is on Spring Break, and the Raymond's and Evans' came over to help too.  Ryan, Casey, Jace, Kylee and Clint all rope, so we were in business!  (Although I think Tyler was a little sad since he went home to the valley the day before and missed out....but they'll rope the Butte calves so he'll get to rope then.)


The kids hung out on the pickup eating chips and licorice (sorry Amy & Kylee!) and later played in the dirt and hide and seek in the barn.  Chandler played it cool in the stroller and was a good baby....soon, he'll be out roping with Colter!

It was a great day!


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