Chandler - 2 months

Chandler Jesson James

You are getting so big!
You weigh 15 lbs, are in size 2 diapers and are becoming our little chunky hunk with rolls to kiss.  :)

You're still in some 3 month clothes, but they're getting pretty snug....
This month you've figured out your hands, and think it's pretty cool to suck on the top of your hand or fingers if your bink falls out.
You are making eye contact, cooing and "talking", and have figured out how to smile back at people when they smile at you.
After you wake up and eat, you love swinging, bouncing, or laying flat on the bed - basically not being constricted.  But when it's time to fall back asleep, you love to be snuggled up.

You've been to bull sales, helped work cattle, and traveled quite a bit on the road.
You love being outside and on the go - but when it's nap time, you can fall asleep about anywhere.

Especially if there's a generator running.  ;)

We're trying to expose you to the best parts of ranching life, and so far - we think you like it too.  :)

 You're changing every day, and while sometimes I wish time would slow down it's so fun to watch you grow.
We love you buddy.
And are so blessed to get to be your mom & dad.



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