Grandma's crib.

Chandler and I headed to Grandma's house this week. I had a work training, and my mom lives close to our state office where the training was. I'm still on maternity leave, but didn't want to make someone else from my office go (since they've been slammed) and so Grandma agreed to take some vacation and babysit while I went to work.

Besides getting to see my family (Lindsay and Henry joined us for dinner both nights) - I think my favorite part of the trip was getting to see my old crib that my mom began to restore when she found out I was pregnant with Chandler.

I'm not really a "saver", and while I knew my mom was, I was kind of surprised she still had the crib after so many years.  And I honestly didn't remember what it looked like even though I would have been in kindergarten when my sister was the last to sleep in it. (All three of us slept in it thru the years.)

Mom painstakingly brought it back to life, restoring the wood and ordering new hardware that had gone missing after the moves life brings.  And probably the most surprising of all - after 30+ years, the crib hadn't been recalled and was safe to use.

Chandler slept well in it!

Mom had also sewn a quilt for the Chan man with his name and running horses appliqu├ęd to it. I thought it was beautiful.

Hopefully Chandler isn't the only grand baby to sleep in this crib, but until more come along, we're thankful Grandma was a saver!


  1. Yea for Grandma's and their unending love for family! I'm sure your Mom enjoyed bringing the crib back to life.

    Hope your work training went well.


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