Breeding in Baker.

We were in Baker City last weekend AI'ing for a new ranch customer and it was the best time!

All the way home, Clint and I talked about what a nice weekend it was.  We bred a lot of cows & heifers, and had a long day on Saturday - but everyone was in such a good mood and kept such a good pace that the cattle seemed to fly by.


There was a point in the day where I thought we were going slow (not too slow, just not rushed) and Clint said we were breeding 100 head/hour.  We've done that before, but it felt rushed.  This time - it felt fun, and that's a good feeling.

Plus, Chandler was AWESOME in the AI barn, and just in a good mood all weekend.  He didn't sleep super well at night (he had a touch of a cold), but did during the day and in between breeding groups I'd take him to the guest house where we stayed to play.  He is always so happy, and laughing and rolling....and I just LOVE how cute his rolls and pudgy little self are right now.  :)

We're headed back to this same ranch Memorial Day weekend to breed another set of cows, and I hope that weekend is just as fun as this one was!


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