Chandler is 5 months old.

Chandler Jesson James
You are 5 months old!
You weigh 19 1/2 pounds, are 26.5'' long, and are in the 99% for head circumference.

You wear 6-9 month clothing, and are eating a few soft foods at night like rice cereal or applesauce.
This month you got your first two teeth on the bottom!
And you were such a good teether, you hardly even fussed.

You are sitting in my arms and lap as I type this one handed, playing with a sack of jelly beans and sucking on a cold teething ring.  But just a minute ago, your daddy had you up on Twist in your saddle and you were LOVING it.  You are an active little baby, and love being in your exer-saucer, or rolling around on the floor.
You mastered rolling over this month, and can hold your head high!  You can scootch across the floor, but can't crawl yet although you pump your little legs and started planking last week.  Pam (who loves and watches you during the work days) sends us fun pictures of how far you can go....and it makes your mom and dad proud of how well you are developing!
Your hand to eye coordination is so good, and it's amazing how well you can pick up things....and take them straight to your mouth!  :)

You love being on the go, around cows and near a running generator.  ;) 
We love you sweet baby, and can't wait to keep watching you grow up!



  1. Darcy,
    I love that you are doing a monthly update on Chandler. Make sure you have a solid way of saving or printing this documentation of his life.

    It looks like Chandler is "kind of a big deal" and I would think so. What a doll!

    Sister took Miles to Reno to the sheep sale the first part of June. She texted Mom that Miles was a "hit" and sent several videos. As far as I know he can walk, but has not ventured to walk without holding on to something. His current favorite thing is lamb creep feed. Sister thinks its the molasses, lol!


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