Pacific City - Part II

We had THE BEST time crabbing in the bay on Saturday.

Lindsay & Henry brought their boat over, and we all went out at lunchtime.  Mom had stopped to pick up a life vest at their house for Chandler, and so we were all able to go!  At first Chandler didn't quite know what to think about the life vest, but once he figured he could chew on it - he was game.  :)

Little man has 4 teeth coming in all at once on the top, and so he likes to chew on whatever is handy, but he especially loves Clint's hat brim.  It's a favorite for sure!

Lindsay & Henry have a good partnership and rhythm on the boat.  He drives, and Lindsay handles the pots.  They each do their job, and work really well together.  Clint got to help too since we were along, which was fun.


After putting all of the crab pots in, we went to the end of the bay to check out the view.

Chandler started getting sleepy, so he laid down and took a little nap.  The life jacket came in handy, as an impromptu pillow too! :)

And then the fun really started....

The water was shallow and we could see thru it to the bottom....and what did we see?


So Henry manned the trolling motor, and we'd all look and shout to him when we found one.  He, Clint and Lindsay had nets and would scoop up the big ones and see if they were keepers.

We probably caught 5 or 6 this way, and it was so fun for everyone to look and yell out when they saw one.  Those little suckers are fast though, and you had to be on your game with the net to get them scooped up!

Meanwhile, this guy was supervising...

He woke up as we were headed to go check the pots, and Grandma got in a few snuggles!

The pots were FULL, so after going through them once, we re-set them and headed in to the house.

Henry & Lindsay cleaned all of the crab (16 total) and then we enjoyed them for dinner.

Well....everyone except me ate them.

Lol - I just that I don't care for anything that swims.  My family will tell you that crab don't swim....but I still don't care for the taste of seafood.

But it was SUPER fun being out on the boat, and taking it all in. 
Love this kind of family time!


  1. Oh the adventures you have, Miss Darcy! Looks like fun.

    I like seafood. Halibut if we go someplace out to eat. We enjoy when J catches fish in the dam or when he goes fishing on the river. On special occasions we will go to Deadwood for the crap leg buffet.

    A few years ago J's Uncle recommended we eat at the seafood buffet at the Rio in Las Vegas. It's basically seafood and dessert. We ate our fair share of little lobster tails. They were fabulous. I will admit when you get full of seafood you are done, no more!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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