Chandler is 8 months.

Chandler Jesson James

You are eight months old and time is flying by!
You weigh 24 pounds, wear size 4 diapers and are in 12-18 month clothes.
You are quite the little man on the go.  You can crawl, and pull up on things and you're cruising along the top of the couch and the bed.  You can plank and stand a bit with help, but only if it's your idea.

You LOVE to eat. 
Yogurt, avocado, bananas, melon & pureed squash, peas, peaches and pears.  You like pretty much everything, and we haven't found anything you turn your nose up to.
If someone is eating, and you want some (which is always) - you crawl up to them and pat your leg or ours repeatedly with intention while saying "mmmmm, mmmmm, MMMMM!" until you get a bite.  Even if you've already eaten - there's always room for a bit more in your tummy it seems.  :)

You love to be outside and are game for an outing any time.
Hanging out in the stroller while we do chores, playing in the grass while I water flowers, or hanging out in the shade while we work cattle - you're up for any of it.

When we're inside the house, you love to play with tupperware lids, a plastic colander, or a flattened cardboard pop box.  You slide all around the kitchen floor on these and think they're great fun!

 You're still not sleeping through the night, but it's ok.  I think so much of it is you're growing so fast, and have teeth coming in....and this mama doesn't mind getting up to feed you since you eat and fall right back asleep without any fuss.
Speaking of teeth - you still have six, but we think you have two new ones coming in on the bottom. 
But while those new teeth might cause you to drool a lot, or want to suck your bink - they don't put you in a bad mood and you are still just the happiest baby.

And we love you so much little man!


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