Life lately.

Life lately with Chandler:

Life with this sweet boy is SO fun!

He is climbing up and over everything!

At Pam's, he loves to climb on top of a pack of diapers.  (We buy the big boxes from Costco, and each box has 3 plastic wrapped packs of about 50 diapers each inside.)  This weekend, we broke out his portable high chair seat that the Murdock's gave us and the box it came in was perfect for climbing on.  He was so proud!

Grandma came to visit this weekend, and Chandler was feeling extra snuggly - which was a win for Grandma!!!

And just a few other random pictures to remember out little guy at this stage.  :)

We've almost outgrown our infant carrier!  As soon as his "big" carseat arrives this week, we'll be done using this one.  (Once their head is within an inch from the top of the seat, you have to move them up.  Chandler still doesn't weigh 30 pounds, but his head is close to the top - and Costco had a sale, so we're biting the bullet!)

In the mornings, on the weekends, Chandler likes to hang out on our bed and "read".  This little book has an ear of corn attached to it that makes the animals moo, or baa, etc but Chandler prefers to just chew on it, rather than use it for what it's intended for.  :)
Chandler got a new hat this weekend and is Round Up ready!


 Chandler has figured out how to open cupboards, and thinks the sound they make when they close is pretty fun!

Clint was in Iowa last week at a repro conference and so at night I'd take the dogs down to the river so they could run and burn off some energy.  Once we were down there, Chandler got to sit up front with me and "drive" as we ran the dogs, and he is a fan!

Life lately on the ranch:

It's fall calving season!

The fall cows that had embryos implanted in them started calving this past week, and let loose a bunch of calves Sunday.  It was fun to spend time with daddy in the pickup, driving around and tagging calves.  Chandler is a fan!

A big plus is that the weather has been gorgeous - and so driving around with the pickup windows rolled down has been so nice.  I've maybe put off a bit (or a ton) of housework in trade of spending time with Clint - and it's been 100% worth it.


The ranch is also weaning calves, so we've been sorting cows from calves, and fenceline weaning as many groups as we can in a day.  Once the calves are weaned for a week or so, the crew sorts the steers from the heifers and everyone gets another shot of 5 way.  Then a few days later, the steers get hauled to Top Cut and the heifers stay at the White Corrals.  It makes for more work since you're handling or sorting groups multiple times, but it's a lot less stress on the calves and that's why Clint chooses to wean that way.

I separated our Charolais calves from the cows on Friday, and the calves are pretty content to be out on grass eating.  I think the cows bellered more than the calves did.  ;)


- Giving 5 way shots  to Double M first calf heifers calves at the White Corrals -

Life lately for our little family:

You might have noticed the moving boxes in the background of some of my pictures.  We have had some big changes happen in our family that are exciting!  But those changes include moving - and buying a place - and a lot of unknowns because we haven't been able to find a place yet that we 1.) love and 2.) is affordable.  Real estate in Hermiston is CRAZY right now, and so we just keep telling ourselves - "If it's meant to be, it will happen."

We're keeping the faith - but it's hard sometimes!

Clint accepted a job with Select Sires, and he'll be working for them full time beginning in October.  He's excited to get to focus on AI'ing cattle, and we're excited for this opportunity for him.

We will miss Double M and the Taylor family a lot - they've been so good to us - and it'll be different not to be promoting Genex anymore, but we really feel like this is a great opportunity for our family, and so we're excited to add a little more red to the wardrobe!


So that's life lately with us.

We're living the dream, but right now everything feels like it's a bit up in the air.

But the balls will settle soon, and until they do - we'll just keep, keepin' on!


  1. Miss Darcy,
    Chandler seems to be such an easy going kid! I love seeing all his handsome smiles. I missed the Nebraska State Fair this year, but Mom sent me several video texts of nephew Miles. He seems to like sheep and carding leg wool.

    You have a lot of irons in the fire! Packing, getting ready to move, FSA, Double M work and more. You must have lots of energy and a great support group.

    Change is hard and moving is a big task, but it can also be an exciting adventure. I wish you the very best as you make this life transition. :)


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