The NILE - Part 1.

This is the second year Clint has had the opportunity to judge The NILE in Billings, Mt. Last year I didn't go with him (work was crazy, and we were going to Kansas City the next week) so this year I knew I wanted to go with him.

We ended up driving, which worked great because then I didn't have to condense my packing, lol. (I try to minimize things - but it's just easier to travel with a stroller and pack and play for Chandler so this way I could take all of it!) We're having a great time so far, and I wanted to make sure I remembered it so I thought I'd post about the trip so far, along with a few cell phone pictures.

We left home Tuesday night and made it to Moscow, ID. The next morning Clint made a  prospect visit, and then we headed to Billings. Thursday morning, Clint judged the Jr. Gelbvieh and Open Hereford shows. The Metro Park facility is very nice, and Jennifer and her team do a great job putting on the event!

Select Sires is a sponsor of the show, so it was fun to have their logo in the picture backdrop!  We also got to meet Jay (he works for SS in Montana, and is on the NILE board) and his crew in their booth. Isn't the pumpkin his daughter painted cute?

Clint got done judging in the early afternoon, so we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed to ORIgen to look at a few bulls. They house S Chisum 255 and Still in the Rough, both of which Clint wanted to see in person. 

255 did not disappoint!!!

We also saw 4008, which ABS has, but who sold in the Rollin Rock sale at the sale barn last year. He was in his working clothes, but looked good.

The coolest part about the day, was that Gary Wall was who showed us around. Midway into the tour, I asked him where he was from....and he said Western Iowa. I said, "Oh, you probably haven't heard of Pomeroy or Havelock, but that's where my parents grew up." 

Turns out, he went to school in Pomeroy with my mom (he was one year ahead), and my grandpa Leo was his 4-H leader. How cool is that??? It was neat to meet him.

After our tour, we ate dinner at Applebee's and ran into Kelby, who lived with us last year when she interned with Genex. We loved getting to see her, and introduce her to Chandler.



  1. Darcy,
    Glad you and C got to go with Clint on the NILE Trip. It's fun to put names, voices and faces together. It's also neat to see the high profile magazine bulls in real life.

    How cool to meet a "lost" family friend. I'm sure there were a few good stories to share.

    Looks like Clint's job transition is going well for all of you.


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