Chandler is 10 months old.

Chandler Jesson James

You are 10 months old buddy!

Your are growing so fast, and learning new things every day - it is so fun to watch you and see what you've picked up.

That being said - I've done a terrible job of taking pictures of you this month.  Our life has just been crazy - searching for a home, making an offer on a home, Clint's new job ramping up, travel opportunities and FFA auctions have taken their toll.  But you little guy have been a trooper thru it all - and hung with us each step of the way.

But I do know this - you have eight teeth, you are pulling up and cruising along everything, but still don't show an interest in walking.  (And that's ok, lol - your mommy & daddy aren't quite ready for that.)  You give hugs, and love to "cheers" your cup with us. 


You love to play with your popper, pull all of the cans and Tupperware out of the cabinets, put balls through the hole on your dump truck, and there isn't a detail that often goes missed by you.

You love pens, and necklaces, and anything with detail.

You are a good little eater, and can eat a lot of different textures and foods.  You let us feed you without getting messy, and like to use the back of your hand to push anything into your mouth (like a stray noodle, or part of a cracker) that might have escaped.  You drink out of a sippy cup and a regular cup - and get mad if we're drinking something that you aren't.

You've learned to throw a little temper tantrum - and it's usually when we take something away from you that you want.  We joke that that is when the red in your hair is most evident.  ;)

But far and away - you are a delight to your mommy & daddy, and we love you so much buddy!


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