Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little dinosaur!

When we got home from work, we dressed Chandler in his costume and took a few pictures before it was totally dark out and then went to visit Jack & Deana next door (to take Teagan her candy) and Mike & Patsy.  Patsy does such a nice job at Halloween for the kids - Chandler got a fun sparkle wand, animal crackers and baby food.  :)  And we got her famous popcorn balls. 

We have to thank the Funk family for Chandler's costume - at Bunco last week I mentioned I didn't have a costume for Chandler (a friend had offered to let us use their pumpkin costume, but I didn't have a chance to run to MF to get it) and wasn't super worried about it - but Alecia said her sister in law had dropped off some items, and one was a brand new 12 month dinosaur costume they wouldn't be able to use.  She let Chandler borrow it, and he just loved it.  Every time we'd pass it last weekend, he'd reach over and pet it and smile - so I knew he'd have fun wearing it. 

And he did - what a fun little first Halloween for our family of three.

Trick or Treat!


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