Chandler is 11 months old.

Chandler Jesson James

You are 11 months old today buddy!

Time is flying by  and we are loving every minute with you.

You weigh 24 pounds, are 31 inches long, and still have a big head circumference - 49 cm!

You are in size 4 diapers, and wear 18-24 month clothes.  No new teeth this month (you still have 8) but we think your one year molars are starting to work in since you love to chew on a washcloth or bib, and pull it against your teeth.

You still aren't walking, but will pull up and get into anything at arm's reach.  :)  You play so well, and love to bang Pyrex together and make "music".  Speaking of music - if it's on, or one of your toys is playing music, you dance and shake your little body and laugh.

You've learned to gargle, and think it's pretty funny to do so when I have you laid down to change a diaper.  (I like it because it keeps you occupied!!!!)

You're becoming a little bit of a dare devil (I think it's only the beginning, right boy moms???) but so far the craziest thing you've done is climb on a box.


You still love to be outside, checking bulls, feeding cows, or AI'ing.  We put you in Carhartt's for the first time this month, and you look so cute in them!

You can say "dada", and "oh" and are starting to say "mama".

You LOVE playing in the dishwasher - pulling out the bottom rack, scooting it on the floor, pulling out the silverware and sliding the top rack back and forth.  In fact - I can't open the dishwasher with dirty dishes in it to load if you're around because you get SO MAD when you can't play in it.  It's a big treat when the dishes are clean, and you get to play while I unload it and put dishes away.

Chandler- we love you so much!

Next up - 1 year!!!


  1. My little one is 9 months and loves the dishwasher as well!


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