AI'ing at 7-UP

Cold temperatures, snow and freezing rain couldn't keep us away.
The pull of AI'ing cows is just too strong for us, lol.  :)

Terry & Debby Anderson, of 7-UP Ranch, had two sets of cows lined up to time AI yesterday and today.  Their cows are separated by their calf's gender, so we AI'ed bull calf mothers yesterday and heifer calf mothers today.  Tomorrow night we'll head back over and AI the heifers.
I always take vacation from work to help with this project, and every year I'm glad I do.  We count Terry & Debby as friends, and they run a good ship.  There was a great crew in place to help make everything happen.  At daylight, the horseback crew was sorting cattle and by 10:00 am each morning, we were done with each group with plenty of time in our "target finish" to spare.
This picture is a little blurry - but I took it with a timer, and when it's single digits out, the picture taking opportunity becomes a "One & Done" type of situation.  :)
Another great year!


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