Chandler - 13 months.

Chan man!

I didn't know if I'd keep up monthly posts once you turned a year, but for now - I will.  It's such an easy way to remember the little things.  :)

You are standing so well, and you don't even know it.
You aren't walking yet - but we're not worried.  Dr. Earl says you can, but just won't. 
He might have jokingly called you lazy.

You love to eat - we still haven't found anything you don't like.

You talk, and talk, and talk some more!  We have no idea what you're saying - but it's fun to listen to your little voice.  Most nights, you talk to me all the way home from Pam's.

You point at things, give high fives, shake hands and learned how to move your hand over your mouth this month to make "aw-wa-wa-wa-wa" noises.  You especially like to do these inside, but with an outside voice.  ;)

You're starting to know what limits at night, when I unload the dishwasher, I let you play in it while it's clean, but when you get up on it - I tell you "get down" and you do....just to wait until I'm not looking and then you get right back up on it.  ;)  I ask you to get down, and you do...and then the game continues. 

You'll hate when I tell you this as a teenager - but whenever your mom & dad give each other a kiss, you get the BIGGEST smile on your face.


You are such a trooper - and go with us wherever.  Breeding cows, checking cows, working on pens - you're game to be along, hang out in the backpack carrier, or play in the car seat if it's late or the weather is bad.


You've really started to like your "lovie" this month.  (A washcloth sized satin sheep you snuggle and sleep with, that your cousin Jacobi gave you.)  You look for it when you wake up, and carry it around with you quite a bit.

You're standing like a champ, have figured out your tongue (and like to stick it out just to see if it's still there....)

And I just noticed that in all of these pictures, you have a bink in.  Honestly - this month, with you teething - it hasn't been a battle we're willing to fight.  I know your poor mouth hurts, and when you have a bink you never fuss - so we let you have it. 


So that's you in a nutshell at 13 months!

We love you so much, and just think the world of you buddy.

Love you Chandler!


  1. I can't believe I haven't met Chandler in person, but I sure do enjoy your posts and pics, Darcy!! He's a real cutie!!

  2. Love you all! Happy 13 Chandler! ♡


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