Friday Favorites.

Happy Friday friends!
This week has just seemed long to me - so I thought I'd end it on a happy note with a light post.


Chandler has been teething this week; homeboy has a mouth FULL of teeth, and is getting a gargantuan molar in right now.  He is a trooper, but you can tell it bothers him.  He's been a little off during the day, had a tough time falling asleep at night, and then wakes up every hour or two.  He hasn't really been into teething rings, so I was trying to figure out something cold that could reach his back teeth and the solution?



A cold piece of celery straight from the fridge.  He gnaws it for awhile until it warms up, and then I chuck that piece and give him a new, cold piece.  Cheap, easy, and healthy.  :)

Celery was definitely a favorite for Chandler this week.


I think anyone who knows me, knows that I love shopping Costco online.  A lot of people don't realize that you can shop online, but the prices are the same as in the store and most of the time, the shipping is FREE!  I buy almost everything non-perishable online only now, and then just make a run every month or so for perishable items.

My current favorites online right now are:

These shirts - long enough for leggings, and dressy enough for work.  I have one in every color.

This Fekkai styling cream - on sale right now!  Two tubes for less than $10, and free shipping!

I've been keeping an eye out for rugs for the new house, and I didn't buy this one fast enough (the bigger size is already sold out) but how pretty & neutral is this one?  Costco always has affordable rugs - but I don't think that fact is a secret, since they sell out fast!


I mentioned it on Facebook, but we had two cows calve last week.  They both had trouble - one calved just fine, but another cow was trying to claim her calf....and then the cow that was trying to claim it started to calve, but wasn't trying (she thought she already had a calf, lol) so we had to bring her in and pull it.  Clint was in California at the Red Bluff sale, but Terry & Anna have been keeping/feeding our cows for us until we move and they were ROCKSTARS last week.

Good friends are seriously my favorite.  They did so much for us last week, and we are so appreciative.  Because of them, we have a healthy heifer and bull calf frolicking around.  Neighbor Jill aptly named them Snowball and Snowflake, since they were born during the snow storm.

Here's to hoping the rest of the cows calve like big girls, without any needed assistance from us.  :)


Well, that's a wrap.

How are things in your world?  Anything you want to add to the Favorites list?

I'm linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika this week - check out their blogs for more favorite fun!


Keep living the dream friends!


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