We're officially homeowners!

Clint and I signed papers on our new house last Tuesday, Feb. 21.  It was a wet, rainy day - but I think rainy days are our "thing" for happy occasions.

It rained on our wedding day.
It rained ice the day Chandler was born.
It rained last Tuesday.
And it rained yesterday when we moved the majority of the house.

So we'll just associate the rain with happy occasions in our life.

Bring on the rain.  :)


A big thank you to friends and family who helped us move - my brother in law Henry especially helped do a lot of heavy lifting with Clint and we are so appreciative.

For anyone who's gone through the process - you know buying a house is a long, sometimes tedious process.  For us - we really had hoped that we could find acreage and a stick built home; but when our timeline became a little more crunched and we had the choice between a stick built w/ small acres or a manufactured home w/ more acres - well you can see what our choice was.

The house isn't quite done being remodeled yet (we are redoing 100% of the flooring, and adding a larger closet to the master) but when it is done - I'll post the "inside" pictures.

Until then, we'll be unpacking boxes, rearranging furniture, and baby proofing the house.

Chandler's crib is set up, and he slept great in it last night - our first night in the new house.  Clint and I slept in our full guest bed in Chandler's room (since the flooring & closet in our master isn't done yet) - and while we slept; I don't think it was as soundly as Chandler did.  ;)

Outside we have a lot to do - permanent fencing, redrawing/reconfiguring pasture layouts, getting ready to build a shop, getting ready to turn on irrigation, fertilizing, and other maintenance items.  The previous owners rented out their pasture, so they only had thin electric fence in place and while that might work as a temporary fix - it's not ideal long term.  There also aren't any outbuildings on the property suitable for livestock needs which is why we're building a new shop/barn.

I think we all know where our free time will be spent in the next few months.  :)

But it's ours, and we're happy to call it {home}.


  1. Congratulations! No shame in a manufactured home--we are putting one on our 10 acres. I don't worry about keeping up with the Joneses! :-)

    1. No shame, just thinking about long term resale value. :)

  2. Congratulations!! Always exciting to own your own home and land!

  3. Congratulations on your new acreage. Best wishes as you make the adjustment. I'm sure you're looking forward to making changes that will make the new place home.


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