Checking in.

Just checking in - we are still alive and well!

Really well, in fact.


We're making progress at home - and have stopped calling it "the new house" and now just call it home. 

I think that's a success.

Chandler is sleeping much better through the night, and doesn't wake up sobbing.  Note - I didn't say he sleeps all the way through the night, each night - but that isn't related to the house, lol.  He's also sleeping in his crib - but in the picture below, Clint was gone one night at a bull sale in Baker, and I'd brought Chandler to bed with me since he'd had a tough night.  His eye teeth are coming in, and he had a cold - so he got to sleep with mama this night.  No complaints here.  :)

On the other hand, our washing machine does not like our new house.  It's decided that it only wants to work part of the time and not drain the rest of the time.  You can imagine how much I love this temperamental-ness!  Especially when I have sheets and towels and other laundry to do.  :)   We think the filter may be plugged, but I haven't figured out how to take the front cover off and Clint has been busy - so until then, I just keep resetting it - and sometimes it works.

And other times - my laundry sits in a pool of water for a day or so.


I started hanging pictures on the walls last weekend.   If the wall had an existing hole, I stuck a monkey hook in it and hung up a picture.  I figured I wasn't creating any new holes, so I'd see how I liked things, and then if I didn't like them - I wasn't creating any more work for myself and could start over.  I have a ways to go - but at least it's a start.

PS - If you haven't used Monkey Hooks before (or the generic brand of them) - you need to!  They are awesome.  And cheap.  And can be bought at almost any hardware store/Walmart/Home Depot type store.

The spring AI season has officially started for us!

 We went out to Ione last weekend to put CIDRs in a group of heifers - and I didn't get any pictures while we were putting them in, but I did after we were done and tearing down.  I've basically come to the realization that taking pictures like I used to just doesn't happen as easily when I'm trying to do a job and take care of Chandler. 

Other than that, we're just gearing up for a busy AI season, working on house stuff and enjoying time together as a family.  This really is a great season in our lives, and both Clint and I are thankful for it.

We don't take for granted the many blessings we have.

Oh - and Chandler has figured out how to hold a hamburger and eat it himself without making a huge mess.  This is awesome - because something tells me we'll be eating a few meals on the road in the next few months as we head out to help Clint AI.

He was so proud of himself!  :)


Hope all is well in your world - and that you're living the dream!

Now, if you'll excuse me - I'm off to try to talk my washer into working.  :)


  1. Oh my gosh...the joy of a hamburger. Love it!!

  2. Darcy,
    Glad things are going good for you. Hope Chandler is over his cold and feeling better from cutting teeth. He is growing and changing! How fun to watch him develop new skills and tricks.

    I've lived in our house for 12 1/2 years and still consider it a works in progress. 3 or 4 years ago I mentioned to J that I wanted to repaint the living room for our 10 year anniversary. I thought if I started mentioning it a little early by our 10th he would be used to the idea. I never made it a priority and now I've kinda lost my gumption. Last summer we had some dry wall work done and are currently looking at a big white spot on one wall. I'm guessing that I will have to stop dragging my feet and paint.

    Oh and we have no curtains. One of our house improvement projects was to put in a picture window and after a hail storm 3 or 4 years ago we replaced half the windows. J thought we needed to get new curtains vs. put the old ones back up. I have priced curtains and blinds several times, they are so expensive and I can't make myself look further. I told J he is going to have to get the blinds he wants. No progress in this area either.

    Take your time and enjoy the process of making your new house into your family home!


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