Weekend Recap - At Home Edition

This past weekend was kind of the calm before the storm - from now until June, most of our weekends will be spent on the road so we really enjoyed this one!

Friday was my day off, and I tried to get all of my errands & house cleaning done (while Clint was in Washington putting in CIDRs and meeting with ranchers) so we could have Saturday & Sunday to enjoy.

We had to send Daddy a "good morning" picture Friday since he had to leave before Chandler had woken up.

Chandler wasn't feeling super hot on Saturday, so we stayed home while Clint went to Baker to look at an AI project.  We spent the morning laying low - and I decorated while Chandler took a three hour nap. 

A few pictures of the inside of our house that are "done"....

This rug is just a place holder (and will end up in the dining room) because I have this one coming from Costco this week and hope it fits/goes well in the space. 

And I'm still struggling with how to handle window treatments - but it's the last thing on the list right now.

We just need a pretty cow hide (and maybe a chair) to finish this space up.  I'm struggling with how to decorate around the TV - so for now, I'm leaving it as is.  All things in good time, right? :)

I love the walk in closet the Hunter Brothers built for us.  We had double hanging racks at our old house, but they weren't high enough and our clothes on the bottom touched the ground so we never used the bottom rod.  We had them hang these rods extra high (like over a foot higher than normal) and it has worked out well.  I also bought this rolling laundry cart - and love it so much more having clothes baskets on the ground.

Chandler LOVES being outside and played in the yard after lunch for a good thirty minutes while I got plants & seeds I'd purchased the day before planted.

And then - since I'd used the hose to water in what I'd planted - I turned to the covered patio we have where we park our cars to rinse it down....

Chandler came running (well, crawling :)) and WENT TO TOWN in the water.

I was laughing so hard, and had to get a video to send to Clint. 

We had to end things though when Chandler started slurping the water....I figured his immune system is already healthy enough.  ;)

Sunday morning we were up early to help Clint pull CIDRs and give shots in our own cows.  He's using a 5 day CIDR protocol this year, which is a bit different for us, but we're trying to move our cows up to calve over Christmas/early January so Clint is home before he goes to Denver.

He used Twist to get the cows in, so he switched out saddles and Chandler got to ride a bit.

He loved being in the saddle, and did really well!  Clint led him around a bit, and I held on to him - but I wouldn't have had to he sat up so well and balanced.  I see a lot of future rides for him.


These corrals are a place holder for where our new barn will be, once it is built this spring/summer.

The rest of the day was just spent chilling and working on misc things around the house to get ready to go to Reno this weekend.  (Clint's judging showmanship at the WNAF Angus show.)  All was going well, until Chandler took a dive out of his dump truck.....

We were worried he'd broken his nose (he landed face first - ouch) since it was so swollen but he let me touch it and wipe it later in the day without fussing, so we think it was just bruised. 

This kid - he's a great baby, and plays so well - but I think he's going to give us a run for our money.  :)  He loves to climb on things, and has figured out that he can push something little (like his Ikea chair or bouncy horse) over to something like a chair or coffee table and climb up on it, and then up onto something else, like the kitchen table or window sill.

So far, we've been able to catch him/get him down before he falls - well for the most part, the dump truck I obviously didn't - but he is keeping us on our toes!!!

It was a nice weekend as a family, and really was another gentle reminder that our lifestyle/career changes have been positive and good for our family.

Happy Tuesday!  Keep living the dream!


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