Dear Pam,

You have made this past year so easy, enjoyable and stress free.

When I went back to work after maternity leave with Chandler, for the first few weeks everyone kept asking me if I was having a hard time coming back to work - and my answer was always an easy "No".

And it was because of you. 💗

Every morning, bright & early, the Chan man and I would head your way and you'd always greet us outside the garage.  Chandler knew as we made the turns in, that we were at "Pam's".

As I'd pull out the driveway towards work, you'd stand at the sliding door with Chandler in your arms and wave goodbye.  It was so fun in the past weeks where he (finally 😍 ) started waving with you.  And when I'd come to get him in the early evenings - he was always so happy and you could tell he'd had a great day playing with you.

"Little man" is what you call Chandler, and it was so fun getting pictures texted to us during the day to show what he was doing.  We probably never told you how much Clint & I both appreciated that - but we did. 

As he hit milestones, you always shared what he'd learned; but we knew you had a big part of it.  You are so good about teaching babies, and theirs parents too.  :)

Most of all - you love all of your babies, and we knew every day how much you loved Chandler.

Thank you for that.

You kept Chandler longer than other babies - and we were so appreciative.  I know he has gotten "busy" these past couple months, but we are so grateful for the extra time he got to spend with you.

We hope you enjoy your summer off - and we can't wait to see you again this fall with Baby #2!

We love you Pam - and we are so, so thankful for you.

💗 - Clint, Darcy & Chandler


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