Happy Easter!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter weekend!

We spent the weekend at home, and I took Chandler in Saturday to see the Easter bunny.  We have a photo shop here in town that did pictures with the Easter Bunny - it's inexpensive, they're fast (we maybe spent 5 minutes there total) and a great way to preserve memories.

Since he was dressed nicely, I took a few pictures of him when we got home too.  He is getting so big!

My cousin Alayna made his t-shirt and it says "Egg Hunter" with a pair of horns coming out of the egg - so cute!

PS - Dot & Chandler are the best of friends!  They really do love each other.  :)

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny came, and Chandler thought that was pretty fun!


Hope you all had a nice Easter too!


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