Reno 2017 - you were a quick trip, but a fun one!

Thursday we left my office at noon, and headed south.

But not before we picked up Pace (who went with us to see a bigger Angus show) and lunch.

Chandler was a fan of the McD's french fry.  :)

Everyone traveled well, but we also made time to stop along the way.  The trip was supposed to take 9 1/2 hours, but took us more like 12 and we were ok with that.  We figured it was better to stop more often and keep Chandler happy, then have a fussy baby.

We went thru Jordan Valley (which had gotten 6 inches of snow that day - crazy!) and then ate a late dinner in Winnemucca.  I told Pace we needed a picture of him in front a casino to send to his parents - their reply?  "Don't let him spend all of his money there."  ;)


Since we got in so late (about 1:30 am) we all slept in Friday and took it slow getting ready.  Clint judged the WNAF showmanship that afternoon, so we picked up a quick lunch and headed towards the event center.

Showmanship went well, and Pace & I worked to keep Chandler busy.  :)


Chandler did a lot of stroller pushing - but it kept him happy!

Since Pace had taken our picture this winter in the snow, I asked him to take one of us in Reno.  He gave it a good effort - but Chandler just wanted down to play in the shavings.  :)  Still, I'm posting these (even though they're blurry or "not perfect") because they just represent us right now, and are still good memories.  :)  We loved that Pace go to go with us, and was such a good buddy to Chandler.

Saturday we headed back to watch a bit of the junior show, grabbed a delicious Certified Angus Beef hotdog for lunch, and then headed for home.  The drive home went well and we were back in Pendleton at midnight.

A great trip - although a quick one.  Thanks to Rod and the WNAF crew for asking Clint to judge - we really enjoyed ourselves and it was a well run show!

PS - The show put us up at the Grand Sierra Resort - and the accommodations were very nice.

As Pace said "This is the nicest hotel I've ever stayed at!".  :)


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