Mother's Day Weekend.

We had a great Mother's Day weekend!

Friday night, Chandler & I headed to Baker to meet up with Clint.  We helped breed a final set of heifers at the DLX the next morning, and since Clint already had a hotel room (he'd been there for a few days AI'ing different groups at the DLX) we headed over Friday night so we didn't have to get up and make the drive super early Saturday.  Clint had a small group to breed Friday night too, so I helped with those while Chandler took a cat nap in the pickup.

Road tripping is pretty fun when you have McDonald's and a movie.  :)

We wrapped up the last group of heifers in this round (we'll be back in two weeks) Saturday morning - Tyler & Deven bred, while I thawed and Clint brought the cattle and managed shots.  I think we did 80+ in under an hour, so in no time we were done, packed up and headed for home.  It snowed & hailed on the way home - crazy weather for May!  I actually ended up putting the dogs in the tack room of the trailer from North Powder to Pendleton so they wouldn't have to endure the crummy weather in the back of the pickup.

The rest of Saturday afternoon was pretty quiet - Chandler and I got a few things done around the house while Clint stayed to prep some things in Baker for Monday, and then he headed home to join us.  We spent a quiet evening in - and watched this guy make a hot mess out of eating his dinner, lol. 

Some battles aren't worth fighting - and luckily hands, faces & clothes all wash.  :)

Sunday morning we celebrated Mother's Day by sleeping in, eating breakfast as a family and trying to take a morning nap....but I lost that battle with Chandler, so we went to the feedlot with Daddy and helped give shots to a group of heifers.  :)

I did get my nap later though - and it was great!  Is there really a better gift than a hour and a half nap in the early afternoon?  Most of all, I just really enjoyed getting to spend a day with my guys doing what we wanted, with no agenda.  Clint got some irrigation things done, I got grocery shopping done and we spent time together sitting on the back porch enjoying our view.  So nice!

Also, I need to take a picture of it - but Chandler's sweet babysitter Kelley and her daughter Jonnie made handprint art on canvases with the kids to give to the mom's and mine is the sweetest!!!  It's propped in our kitchen, so I see it when I do the dishes.  Seriously - it's things like this that I love the most.  We're not big "gift givers" in our house - but quality time, and gifts made with love really are my love language.

Hope you all had a nice weekend wherever you are!


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