The barn.

Work on our new barn started this month!

Kralman's are building us a 50x60 pole barn, that will be half "shop" and half "barn". The shop will have a concrete floor, and the barn half will be dirt/gravel.

There'll be two 14x14 doors on the front, with a man door in between.  Clint has everything calculated so we can build pens inside during the winter to calve in, and then pull them out and back in our portable bud box, double alley and hydraulic chute to work/AI the cows in the spring.  

We're going to side the inside of the barn with insulation and sheet metal, in hopes that it will be easy to keep clean.

It's been fun to watch the progress!


  1. Boys and their barns!! So exciting. You won't remember life without it.


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