Weekend wrap up - AI edition.

Happy Monday!

We had a great weekend.  Friday was my day off, and we made the most of it.  Errands, appointments, laundry, grocery shopping & cleaning - we tried to get it all done on Friday.

But not before a few morning snuggles first....


Kelley, Chandler's new babysitter told me about these shoes Kyle's mom had found (her girls are also watched by Kelley) so I headed into Beall's Friday and they were a great deal!  I need to go back and buy the next size up. Chandler inherited his parent's feet, and while they're long enough....his little feet are thick like ours and we made need a bigger size to keep the strap on.

I also had a quick appointment with the power company Friday morning to go over a new transformer & power service we've ordered - and then we were off to a doctor's appointment & back to Pendleton to shop at Cash & Carry for horse sale concession supplies.

We're going to be in Baker next weekend AI'ing cows, and I'd seen two plants on blogs this past week that I wanted to try out in our yard - so I gave myself an early Mother's day gift and stopped by Westwinds Nursery after I picked up Chandler from Clint at the feedlot.  He'd gone to help Clint set up the box and AI a few early, early heifers.

I picked up a Snowball after reading about them on the Miss Mustard Seed blog, and a Flowering Almond Bush after seeing it on Robyn's blog, The Ranch Wife Chronicles.

They both fit perfectly in my car for the short ride home.  :)  Chandler only tore off one snowball on the way there too - win!

My mom came over Friday night, and helped a ton with Chandler the rest of the weekend (and got some quality one on one time) while we AI'ed 7 Diamond heifers at the feedlot and I helped with the FFA Horse Sale concessions.

We all four got a nap on Saturday afternoon -

and then hit it again doing more of the same Sunday morning.

It was great to get to spend time in the AI barn this weekend, and since my mom was here helping with Chandler - he got to stay home and play, and we were able to focus on AI'ing a large set of commercial heifers.  We bred to Heisman this weekend, and had a great response on heats.

We AI'ed each morning first thing around 6 am, then I headed in to help with the concession stand, and then come back out around lunch to help with the next pull.  In between Clint was a rockstar husband and got all of the yard weed-eated (let's pretend that's a word, wink), irrigation going and tidied up around the house in general.

My mom took off for home (thanks again mom for all of your help!!!) after we got done with our early afternoon pull, and Chandler got to come help us with the late evening pull.  He had a good time opening & shutting the gate at the feedlot - especially since it had a chain on it.  :)

Clint & Terry were headed back to the feedlot this morning to breed a few late heats that resulted from the GnRH shot, and then are on the road all of this week across Oregon & Washington AI'ing at different ranches for All West Select Sires. 

We're living the dream - hope you are too!


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