A lazy weekend.

This weekend was just what I needed.  :)

We took care of things around the house that I'd been neglecting during the AI season (like cleaning the baseboards, washing rugs, pulling weeds, etc - you know the fun things in life, lol), celebrated at RJ & Kai's 40th birthday party, pulled CIDR's on a couple of cows (like, four - nothing big), grocery shopped and just hung out.  Clint was home Saturday (he left for the GI early Sunday morning) and was able to work on irrigation and get the camper cleaned out & packed again.

Chandler liked riding in the Skidsteer with Clint!  He's very serious, because he was trying to figure it all out.  No time for smiles for the camera, when we have levers to figure out.  :)

The barn is almost done - after I took this picture Thursday, they finished the south siding early Friday.  The contractor is just waiting on the back ordered doors, and their part should be finished and we can start on electrical. 

Since Clint was gone Sunday and we were home, I spent part of the day getting ready for the baby.  The bassinet is out, the car seat is ready, and I have a few clothes & diapers set out & a hospital bag packed.   Chandler was all about checking out the car seat.  :)  It was clicked into the base, so it didn't rock or tip when he climbed into it which was great for him.  He loves to buckle things, and this kept him entertained the entire time I was putting the bassinet back together in our room.

It's crazy how big he looks in it now - compared to how small he was when we first brought him home from the hospital. 

This sleepy eyed boy (picture taken right after he got up from a nap) was spoiled by the babysitter on Friday, and had a fun cow balloon to play with all weekend that he loved to "lead".  It had little feet on it that kept it close to the ground, so he could just pull on the string and it would tag along behind him.  He loved it!

After running errands Sunday afternoon, we came home and worked in my flower beds.  I turned the hose on to a trickle and Chandler "watered" everything....and himself.  :)  A popsicle in the bath seemed like the easiest way to manage the mess - so that's just what we did.

Momma may have had a popsicle too.  ;)

And little brother is doing well!  I had a doctor's appointment last week after my ultrasound, and he's big - but similar in size to what Chandler was at this point.  His head's actually only in the 96th percentile (Chandler was way off the charts in the 99th) but his chest is in the 99th percentile....what can we say, we're not "calving ease".  Since I've "proven myself already" (lol - my doctor's words) they're going to let me go full term, but not any farther.  They said I could get induced early if I wanted, but so far I'm feeling good and I'd rather see if he'll come on his own.  My due date is Monday, June 26 so we know we'll get to meet him by that day - if not earlier.  We are excited!

We're also looking forward to seeing Daddy tonight when he gets home from the GI and spend a couple of days together before he heads to Idaho to judge a show.  This weekend we're celebrating our anniversary & Father's Day on the same day and looking forward to the UCCA BBQ Sunday.  Fun times!

Hope you had a good weekend too - and are living the dream!


  1. Darcy,
    Glad you got some things checked off your list to prepare for the baby. It's good to hear you are feeling good.

    I hope you had a great anniversary and Father's Day. That's fun to celebrate on the same day. Looks like you have lots of exciting things going on in life and not a dull moment.

    Yes, Sister is married to Kolby. Sister did not livestock judge in college, but they initially met at a judging contest. They were sheep officials, imagine that! We've got to love the ag community and the way we can connect across the miles.


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