4th of July Fun.

And just like that - it's July!
We had a great 4th of July. 

We headed out early to Meredith's to finish AI'ing her little herd of cows east of Pendleton first thing.  It was Calvin's first AI project, so Meredith & her mom were excited to take our picture - which I appreciated!!!
Both boys did so good - Chandler is a pro at hanging out while we breed (a little PBS kids helps when he gets fidgety) and it looks like little brother Calvin is going to be the same way. 
We got done in time to head back to Stanfield to watch the parade!

It was both Calvin & Chandler's first parade.  Cal slept the entire time, and Chandler had a pretty good time.  We did a lot of waving, and about half way thru he figured out that the things people were throwing was candy, and that it was for him, and that I would let him eat it - and at that point he thought parades were pretty cool.  :)
He was funny, at the end - he'd walk out to pick up the candy, turn around and wave at us - and then throw the candy at us.  Monkey see, monkey do.  Sweet boy had a great time, and enjoyed his fill of tootsie rolls.
We had a good time visiting with the Cooper's, who had been walking by when the parade started and stayed to watch with us.  I love our small town, and all that they do.  The 4th of July celebration is just one of the many community activities they put on.
The boys & I spent the afternoon napping (which was awesome) - and while I wish I could say Clint got a nap, he ended up spending the afternoon pumping water.  :(  We must have a hole in our ditch that borders our property, and the water he was irrigating with had backed up onto the neighbors property where he has hay stacked in a low spot. 
After naps, we headed outside to enjoy the evening.  Clint was mowing with his new mower, and so Chandler did the same.  It was warm, but Chandler loves to be outside - so I turned on the hose to a dribble and filled up his water table - and he had a ball until dinner. 

Calvin slept thru the water activities right inside the door, where he was in the air conditioning.  ;)
We had a low key dinner, baths and a later than usual bed time due to the long naps.  Chandler missed the fireworks by about a half hour, but I was still up so I watched them from our bed.  (I was too lazy to get up and go to the window to take a picture - this is literally the view from where I sat in our bed, ha ha.)  It was a pretty great view - and the Stanfield fireworks lasted for at least a half hour.  It was a great show!
Hope you had a nice 4th too!
Clint & I don't take lightly the many freedoms we have; and are grateful to those who have served so that we can live a life where we have the freedom to live our dream.
God bless our troops, and God bless America.


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