A new cowboy hat.

Chandler has been wanting to wear Clint's old straw hat, so on Saturday after we were done AI'ing, we stopped by D & B and picked out one for him that fit and that had one of the elastic bands inside that will grow with him - at least for a bit..
His one from last year - which is a 6 5/8 is too small.  Homeboy has a big noggin!
He loves wearing his new hat - even if he's still in his pj's when he puts it on.  :)

And later yesterday morning before we headed to Kelley's - and he'd had a chance to put on real pants.

And even when he has nothing but a diaper on....
We'd just gotten done playing in the water, and were eating dinner - so I'd stripped Chandler down to his diaper since his clothes were soaked.  Clint came home after we were done, and Chandler saw Twist before I did and was asking to be put down before I even realized Clint was home.  :)

Clint was getting home after helping Jess rope a calf, and Chandler helped him lead Twist back to the pasture.  Twist is such a good stud horse for us, and Chandler had A BALL leading him.


I sure love this extra time I get to spend at home with my boys, making simple but special memories like these, while I'm on maternity leave. 


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